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Client Success Stories

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Keval S -- SEO Agency, 105k/mo

Keval grew his SEO Agency from 15k/mo to 105k/mo. Plus, he has a lean team with a handful of VA's and contractors. 

Jonathan S -- Email Marketing Agency, $20k/mo

Jonathan is 20, from the southside of Chicago, and he came to us earning $1200 per month. Within 4 months, he grew his business to over 20k/mo. 

Will T -- Hair Loss Clinics Agency Owner, $30,000/month

Within a short while after joining CAIP, Will was able to significantly increase his prices, signing a $5,000 client and growing his business to beyond $30,000/month. 

Simon H -- Lead Generation Expert, From 0 to $17,000/month

"When I started out, I was starting from nothing. I had zero experience in sales or anything before joining Ben and Ryan's Programs."
In this video, Simon mentioned he was at 9.8k, but he's now gone on to hit 17 -- AND he was able to move to Budapest during the middle of the lockdown.

Darren Cabral -- CEO of Suits Social (Top 3 SMMA In Canada), $40,000/month

"I've found Ryan invaluable in building my business. If you're building a marketing business, a consulting agency, or anything, you need to work with Ryan. For the amount of value he's provided my business, it's been 100x what I've spent with him " Darren streamlined his business, increased his prices, niched down and grew his business to new levels after working with us. 

Max S -- Google Ads Agency, 0 to $20,000/month

Max has been able to grow his google ads agency from scratch to $10,000 per month, at the time of recording this video. 

He's since gone on to double his revenue to $20,000, while simultaneously decreasing his weekly work load by 40 hours by hiring a small team.

Deepak S -- Content Marketing Agency

Deepak was working a 9-5 job for the government of Ottawa before he became our client. He had zero sales skills, never sold anything in his life. After going through our sales training, he landed his first client for $28,000. Then he landed another for $18,000. The dude is a machine.

Luke K -- Facebook Marketing Agency

Luke joined the program earning $2500 per month with his agency. He's since grown it to $20,000 per month. The best part is, he only has 3 clients.

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